Facebook Create Ads / Campaigns


Here’s a video on how to recreate the ad that has consistently been breeding leads for my team for $0.21-$0.70 through Command over the last few months.  -- Natalie Gonsalves

Learn how simple it is to create Facebook and Instagram campaigns with KW Command to bring you the best ROI.

Tips & Techniques

  • You MUST have a solution or pose a question.

    • For example, ask "why would you rent when you can own for basically the same price?"

  • Mention 3 - 4 highlights about the property that gets them curious. 

    • For example, highlight that it's a 2BR (which could be less than renting), an eat-in-kitchen and hardwood floors.

  • Tell them EXACTLY what they will get when they click for more info.

    • Photos, information and PRICE!!! 

  • Don't EVER list the exact address in the ad. It's OK to mention the town but NOT the street. 

  • Ads with Emoji's to get more clicks. 😎

  • Include Sale Price in ad text or CTA link

  • Only ever use one photo, always the front

  • Don't chat about the statistical features of a home that can be displayed on the landing page

  • Talk about the area & try to talk to the potential client

  • Recommended ads run for 5-7 days, $25 - $30 budget

  • Ads targeting Buyers perform better than ads targeting sellers or Brand Recognition type ads

Facebook Ads Manager vs. KW Command

Tristan and Blake go over Facebook Ads Manager and dive deep into it. They show the power of the Facebook and then dive into Command to show how to run Facebook Ads. This is a mush watch and it’s amazing!