Facebook Lead Generation

Lead Generation Contest

Tuesday 5/5 - Friday 5/15

  • Create and run a Facebook Ad Campaign in Command during contest period

  • Submit print screen of your active campaign via online form

  • Generate 25 leads and get reimbursed up to $50

  • Report # of leads generated each day to your Market Center Tech Driver (Tech Coordinator, Tech Director or Tech Ambassador) 

  • PLUS - the first 5 people in each market center to get a listing agreement signed through the campaigns gets an additional $100 bonus! 

  • Submit copy of signed listing agreement along with campaign name and proof of lead (print screen from Command Contacts showing lead details) via online form

Contest Resources

(Click Forms Below)

sample ads.png

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Agents - participate in GO Get Business Contest:  create Campaign in Command, create ad(s), collect leads and report results to program office, follow-up on leads and secure listing agreements signed and submitted to program office

  • Team Leaders - sign up agents for participation in contest, communicate updates and provide motivation for agents

  • MC Tech Drivers - provide local (Market Center) support for Command, Facebook Ad creation and Lead Collection

  • Regional Director of Technology - program oversight, program messaging and communications, serve as contest judge with final decision authority

  • Regional Tech Trainer - technical and operational oversight, standards, training materials, contest website, online form submission and technical issue management including tier 2 escalations where necessary

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