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What Do We Do Now?

From Our Broker

We are here for you. Sometimes that feels inadequate as you shopvac up water or shiver by your fireplace, but the truth is that support, information, resources and teamwork really do matter in moments like these.


And of course, there is nothing more exhausting than caring about others, so as agents with spheres we genuinely know and care about, these are exhausting days.


These days are also opportunities.  Opportunities to be a resource that cannot be replaced by Zillow, a resource that is impactful and important and local and caring on days like this.  An opportunity to show our care for our community, not just talk about it.  An opportunity to be a part of the increased love of home that can result from trauma and tragedy.  


Let's rely on the strength of our GO Network:


  • On the contract knowledge and advice that can help us represent our clients to the fullest even when uncertainty exists.

  • On the tools and service of our vendors.  We are the best and so we attract the best!

  • On the creativity and ideas of our leaders and fellow agents.  Together means more options for all!

  • On the inspiration and motivation that your KW friends and family can share with you that can help fill your tired soul. 

    Yes we can.


And remember that your track record for getting through tough days is 100% - and that's pretty good.  😉

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